Friday, 18 November 2011

Facebook is Never Private

"I can still see you"

The use of social media (as this ameteur blog shows), has risen dramatically in the last few years and now can be used as part of the screening process for jobs.  You may have a very high security level but this doesn't really mean much and you can still be accessed by those you may think your hidden from.  This has now become part of our education, 'don't say it on facebook, they'll find out', this year a women was fired for calling in sick for a few days whilst pasting her mini holiday snaps up on facebook...Yet I have just left a lecture were a student was publically named and shamed for bitching about lecturers in a facebook group.  However this is beyond stupidity as the lecturer in question is part of this group along with her collegues, this group is also made up of 179 fellow students.  Why do we feel that social media finally allows us to truely speak our minds?  'The Ostrich effect', if I can't see them they can't see or hear me... sadly this is not true and the Ostrich is not noted for its intelligence.

 My dating experiences have led me to be belive that men are big fans/ believers in this practise.  'If I just don't contact her and avoid her it'll go away and then I can reappear when all is well again', I'm sorry to tell you, but this just isn't true (as many of my past boyfriends have found out the hard way).  The fight or flight reflex can also be added to this line of thought, just because you run away and refuse to acknowlegde something, doesn't mean it will suddenly cease to exist.  Women are known and steriotyped for over thinking and over anaylsis everything, but I'm not sure I'd rather take the stereotypical male approach of just not thinking at all.  We can say we don't care and we do things because we 'just left like it' but often this is not true, we do it because of who we are or what we want to be.  When I march into Topshop and spend £200 (once every millenium), I do it because I've decided I need to be better and I'm going to achieve this by improving my image.  There, idea, aim, solution and action.  So next time the man in my life (whenever this mystery man I speak of appears) declares his action to not mean anything, he just did it because he did.... (terrible argument and yes I have heard it before) I will stand up and argue my case with one he can feel the same type of anger over, my shopping habbits. 

So stop, think, consider other options and then finally, act.


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