Friday, 4 November 2011

Student Dilemmas...

Some people are critical of the student life style and ask "what do they actually do with there time except get drunk and sleep?" Well I also find myself asking this question on occasion, as I sit in front of my slightly stained bedroom mirror, I am trying to muster the energy and more importantly, the will, to go out for another night of the same old same old.  It raining, this is Manchester, rain is as reliable as the sunset and sunrise, none the less, it still manages to dishearten after the hour of hair styling. By my side a cup of tea and more appropriate, a glass of vodka, lemon and lime.  I find myself eyeing the later drink with a mix of resistance and utter distain, however the forces of nature have come to intervene and alas, cold tea, is never appealing.  So as I contemplate whether to go smokey and seductive, or bright and colourful with this evenings make up palette, I finally take my first sip of the night ahead.  What did I do yesterday? Went for a lovely dinner in Deansgate and then (of course) went on to get wankered in a number of empty bars.  I subtly attempted to match my friends drinking with my one to their every three, but my covert operation was apparently far less 'covert' then I had hoped.  "Come on E, drink up, it'll make you feel better", the mantra of students everywhere.  However having recently discovered the stunningly thin, glossy haired, longed legged beauty that is my love interests new beau, I debate the truth in this statement.  The girl sat on the corner sofa, crying her eyes out over her 'doomed' love life is a role I'm never to eager to play, yet once again I sip the quizzer inducing drink at my side and prepare for a night of drunken antics. It's time to leave and my spirits are about as high as my cheek bones but I wouldn't be a real student if I didn't throw caution and better judgement to the wind and race out of the door into the ever inviting rain.

So good friday and good night


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