Thursday, 3 November 2011

To whom may be concerned

To whom may be concern

I am now, after a long and gruelling 5 years, coming to the end of my University days. Pending the start of my professional life, the need for some direction seems appropriate and the one missing key point from my CV.  As so I have decided upon a blog to help order my thoughts and highlight my strong/weak points.  Reasoning:

 I have a debatably unusual habit of sending texts to myself when I want to express something that may not be deemed appropriate for the general public or certain individuals. Yes, if I find someone to be: annoying, stupid, arrogant, ridiculous, embarrassing, unassuming...or on a rare occasion....lovely, good looking, generous or other nice sentiments which I cannot express to said individual, I text them to myself. Allowing a feeling of release that all things that need saying have been said, if only to the invisible man. However on occasion I have out of sheer boredom, read back across these messages and found some to be amusing, interesting or merely monologuing to the best of abilities. To normalise my seemingly introverted self, I have decided to start 'blogging' these entries in the hope of creating something expressive out of something rather odd. I can only hope my descriptive powers are lacking enough, that entries will not seem oddly similar, may the individuals involved stumble across them. For obvious reason I shall now explain that I shall not be using my real name. for my social life may not always be 'booming' but I would would definitely deem it 'missable' should my friends discover my true feelings on their views of current affairs etc. 

I have what may be described as a Shakespearian take on the English Language.  This is in part due to Dyslexia and part due to my inability to  find word that express exact sentiment.  So read this blog onomatopeically and you'll be fine

All the best, me

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