Thursday, 17 November 2011

Two Plus Two Equals America

Manchester grounded

Well I am back in Manchester and have attended my first lecture in two weeks.  Its strange when you return to something after a while, the adjustment period is in most ways minutes long but in others days or weeks. I am not one for wasting time so I have taken the 'throw yourself into it' approach.  I like this approach, its uncomplicated, direct and unfussy, I hate fuss.  I am attending the German Christmas market tonight with my beloved housemates as the first of my Manchester nights out.  This would be nice and gentle, if it weren't for the bar opposite offering 2 4 1 cocktails that our friend bar tends in... This is good, this is real student life.  I say this, yet my x-student friends in full time jobs also have these nights, just mostly towards the end of the week or at the weekend.  So am I in denial thinking I am a typical student when actually I am a typical English person?  No one can deny the notorious binge drinking reputation we English have earned and the truth behind it.  I myself am of Irish blood but seemingly English in every other sense.  But I am hoping to report a different side to the use of my endless free time over the next few months.  Tonight German Christmas Market, next week outdoor ice skating and the week after that??? We'll see what I can think up, possibly bowling...

As for my time in London, I chose to spent my last night in my local pub with old friends of mine, it would seem 22-24 is the time of self discovery and sheer confusion.  I've always assumed I would be an adult by this age, but I fear that couldn't be further from the truth.  A friend of mine was recently discovered to have dated the x-boyfriend of a close mate of ours a year ago about 8 months after they broke up.  The girl we shall name as Olive was pretty damn angry over this discovery and has banished my friend from her life (whilst also attempting to banish her from everyone elses).  I couldn't help but wonder who was right and when enough is enough.  Olive dumped him, she chose to walk away, my friend fell for him unwillingly, it just happened.  Now she stands with the scarlet letter printed upon her forehead as Olive spreads the word of the betrayal.  When did the drama of jealous and insecure 13 year old girls suddenly come back to make an appearance in our 'adult' lives? He was single, she was single and more importantly, is the man not the baddy here? We always blame the women, if this was two men, the women would be blamed (generally speaking...) Why are women still meant to act like our predecessors whilst men (as always) are  congratulated for their slutty or 'womanising' habits? Well I say fuck off, women are free agents as men are, if you want to question this situation, replace the two girls with two men and the man with a girl, see if you still agree with Olive and her endless anger.  My love obsession Henry would go around acting as he felt fit, only to complain about my 'continual moaning', yet if I were to act for one night as he has for the last four years I would be met with utter scorn.

Isn't it time we put men in their place as Beyonce beautifully highlighted in her video/song "If I were a Boy"? Well I personally am on team anti-Olive, he was in the wrong, she was not even that good friends with Olive.  For the next six months in Manchester I will do as I see fit and if any man wishes to label me the endless names they have collected for us women, then so be it.

Six months left and endless amounts of fun to be had

Keep having fun



  1. Is it wrong that I'm intrigued as to who Olive is? Ohh my gossip mind!!

  2. Thats the beauty, no one will ever be named, so no will ever suspect obviously, with the use of my cunning secret names...

  3. I can't even hink who it could be lol. And that is the way it shall be!