Thursday, 10 November 2011

If you go down to the Locks today your sure to get a surprise...

A night which may have been greeted with some reluctancy at first, soon developed into cocktails, champagne and many an unflattering photo. A girls night out can only and does only mean one thing: laughter, man scouting, outrages dancing and inevitably tears, lost items, smeared make up, hook ups and lovers tiffs (who always managed to turn up, whether due to mistrust or a drunken booty call miss timed). Well a night in the plush and posy bars of Didsbury soon turned into a drunken cab ride to Deansgate Locks; The testosterone ridden, botox filled, lipsy dress wearing, wannabe Gangster/WAG capital of Manchester. Well I can't say lipsy is my favorite shop, nor is my forehead tight enough for the crowds of the Locks, however for the first few hours I did enjoy myself. But as with all good things in life, they must come to an end, a drunken, messy, purse robbing end. Yes, as I innocently wiggled my 'stuff' on the dance floor, a smooth handed criminal made his sweep of the floor, one rhinestone studded handbag at a time. My bag jumped, my mind wondered, my eyes searched and then realisation struck, the bastard had stolen my brand new camera. Three nights worth of Pantene worthy advert photos gone, in a criminal blink of an eye. Me? have something stolen/lost on a drunken night out? No, absolutely not, I am not that girl. Yet there I stood, angry, disbelieving and most of all, fricking pissed off. So what is my conclusion on going out after having sat in front of your bedroom mirror for an hour trying to persuade yourself to drink vodka over tea? DON'T! Its divine intervention. Stay at home, close your curtains, lock your door and tell your dearest and nearest to piss off, or you too may find yourself one beautiful, technologically advance camera down. And did I meet a nice man to make up for this tragic loss? no, plain and simple. The men were drunk past all normal recognition, their sweaty faces oddly less than appealing and their taste in women? far from my fully clothed, simple make up wearing self.

So if you decide to go down to the Locks today for an evening of drunken debauchery, just don't. It's not worth it, there has to be better evenings to be had than that sweaty hell hole of a clubbing hot spot.

So think, plan, listen to your gut and choose wisely.

Regards, MissE

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